Pet Isolation Ward in Eldersburg

There are a number of pet diseases that are contagious to other animals, many of which can also be fatal if not treated. Summit Animal Hospital in Eldersburg maintains an isolation ward for our patients to prevent the spread of these infectious diseases from animal to animal. As a low-stress veterinary hospital, we implement a variety of measures to keep all pets safe while in our care and to reduce the spread of infection. This includes the separate location of our ward, effective ventilation to reduce airborne bacteria, and our use of disinfectants.

Most Common Infectious Pet Diseases

We are equipped to handle any infectious pet disease in our isolation ward, including those that are mildly contagious, highly contagious, and potentially fatal. Some of the most common canine and feline diseases we treat include:

If you think your pet has an infectious disease, or if you have questions about our isolation ward protocols, please give us a call at 410-795-0700.

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