Pet Diagnostic Services in Eldersburg

When the standard physical exam isn’t enough to determine your pet’s condition, Summit Animal Hospital relies on diagnostics for an internal evaluation, including digital dental and full radiography. We also maintain a full-service, in-house laboratory, where we can perform a number of tests to diagnose viruses, diseases, and other conditions. These diagnostic options allow us to make a more accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition so we can develop the most effective treatment plan.

Digital Radiography

With our full body digital radiography equipment, we can quickly examine your pet’s bones and other internal structures to detect fractures, foreign bodies, and other conditions. Our digital dental radiography unit is used to view below your pet’s gum line, since this is where we tend to find most oral problems.

Unlike film radiography, digital radiography images are produced in a matter of seconds and can be shared digitally or burned to a CD. This technology is also safer, both for your pet and for the environment, because it does not use the same harsh chemicals that film radiography does. It also requires significantly less radiation than film.

In-house Laboratory

Summit Animal Hospital’s full-service laboratory is equipped to handle a variety of tests with fast results. Some of the most common tests we perform in our in-house laboratory include:

If you think your pet is in need of an internal diagnosis or laboratory work, give us a call at 410-795-0700 to request an appointment. You can also use our online appointment request form.

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